Arles – 1 – preblog

The college has not yet given us a schedule of what they suggest we might see at this prestigious festival and the OCA blog so far is all about travel arrangements. I have however, ordered the catalogue for the event (500 pages) and today started looking at some of the exhibitions online.

The Guardian Review by Sean O’Hagan is worth a view; it includes a written review and a video featuring Pieter Hugo and Vivianne Sassen. There is also an introductory essay to the festival “Arles in Black” by Francois Hebel.

Here is the BJP shortlist followed by some of my own selections …

Alfredo Jarr – The Politics of Images – an interesting sounding exhibition but closed early before the OCA visit.

Wolfgang Tilmans New Work

Eric Kessels 24 hours of photos

Halil A Cloud of Black Smoke
(could not find this on the Arles website)

Hiroshi Sugimoto

My own selection is as follows …

Guy Bourdin
John Stezaker
Pieter Hugo
John Davies
Cristina de Middel
J.H.Lartigue – unfortunately, this exhibition is ending early so we won’t get to see it! Still, I order the Photofile book of Lartigue.

There is also the 2013 Book Award in which there are a number of awards and many more books to be viewed.
The director of the festival asks, “What place does black and white photography still hold today? Realism or fiction, poetry, abstraction or pure nostalgia?” to which Sean O’Hagan replies, “… if the question he poses is not answered definitively, enough new and interesting issues are explored in the 50-odd exhibitions.”
I have decided to make multiple posts for this visit which will be numbered as Arles – 1, Arles – 2, Arles – 3 etc

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