Arles – diary


Have ordered some catalogues of exhibitions on at Arles – seems a good way to tune into the exhibitions although I can not help but question whether previewing will make one see the work according to other’s views rather than discover one’s own feelings about it. Still, I am going to try and record my thoughts before reading what others think although seeing photographs in a book might elicit a response different to seeing them on the wall of an exhibition.

Catalogues ordered include New Work by Tilmans, Revolution by Sugimoto (the most expensive purchase but I do like his work), The Garden by Imbriaco, In and Out of Fashion by Sassen as well as Photofiles on Lartigue and Guy Bourdin. I already have the Arles catalogue 2013.


There are many exhibitions and one that I come across is intriguing. Not heard of the photographer before yet his work is fascinating … Gilbert Garcin only took up photography on retirement yet he has made a name for himself particularly in the genre of photomontage. More of his work can be seen here It is encouraging to see work made by someone ordinary rather than a “great artist”. Humorous too … echoes of Magritte!


An email from Sharon, one of the OCA tutors going to Arles – she thinks I am more clued up than she is over the trip !!? I not opted to be in her group but plan to see the exhibitions she is going to.


A message from a fellow student who has reached Arles; it is mostly about the weather and the price of booze. Typically British and not surprised really as this is the chap who ridiculed my suggestions about going native even suggesting there might be something racist about that!?

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