Photo London 20.05.2016

04-20160520-Photo London signage-2973

The third day! I wish this event was a bit more enjoyable although I did laugh helplessly at Erik Kessels photographic slide presentation yesterday while the Real Food restaurant provides support of various kinds … a place to sit down, a warm cuppa etc I think I am missing out on what is going on, acting more like a journalist than a photographer.

04-20160520-Real Food restaurant-2975
Arrive early and see fellow OCA student, Vicki Loader. We chat for awhile but while waiting for the tea to brew, I need to leave as I have booked another talk.
Olga Sviblova who is a giant among photographic curators; from Multimedia Art Museum ( as it is called) in Moscow. She has rescued much Russian photography from rubbish dumps!
I find her talk quite inspiring because she seems to have worked selflessly for photography and that is not the undertone of Photo London. Her talk is forced to end early as people are queuing up for Alec Soth who is booked out (Ewing the curator of the over 30 talks taking place says this is not actually the case and that there are always places free as not all the invited VIPs show up). She meets and greets a few people outside afterwards and I thank her for her talk which I consider the best so far; I grow tired of adverts and she is just talking about photography out of a love for it. Disappointing that she could be interviewed as this might have been very interesting. There is a book of Russian Photobooks up for an award and I wonder if she has anything to do with that.
I leave to visit the Painting with Light exhibition and although I am due to return for the Robert Misrach talk, I do not make it back. Not really enough time and I want to do the Painting with Light exhibition in depth which I have blogged about here.
An expensive day at Photo London. Almost £50 for about an hour and a half and one talk that started late and was ended abruptly!

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