Women’s Photography at Alliance Francaise Delhi

04-Alliance Francaise Delhi-10-20180810

On a wet afternoon in August, I make my way down to a basement gallery, Galerie Romain Roland at the Alliance Francaise in Delhi, where a group of musicians are having a sound session, blasting the place with their rhythms. A woman sings into a microphone but I cannot make out the words.

01-Alliance Francaise Delhi-53-20180810

Do women see the world differently to men? Is their photography of a different kind? If so, in what ways does this difference manifest? This exhibition is unlikely to answer these questions yet it does show a variety of women photographers from around the world.

Behind the musicians are two exhibits, both from South Africa. A British photographer is one of them and explores notions of femininity through the majorettes of South Africa.

02-Alliance Francaise Delhi-47-20180810

I like the work of an Iranian photographer, Elahe Abdolahabadi. She makes toned prints that show a photographer studio set up in the street which includes much of the street. Maybe this is the only way to make street photographs in Iran when you are a woman.

03-Alliance Francaise Delhi-07-20180810

A French woman who lives in Germany has made evocative photographs of people in the outer Hebrides. As with all these exhibits, a long artist’s statement hangs alongside the images.

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