Assignment 4

We are asked to make photographs as if we were from outer space; this reminds me of a famous saying attributed to Henri Cartier-Bresson about Martin Parr that he was from “another planet!”.

The aim here is to look at the strangeness of human beings, with a fresh eye as if one has never seen them before … looking at people in a detached way, at what they are doing, possible alienation between each other.

Choose a different environment to one one knows, go undercover! One might look at different groups of people such as a tatooist, hair dresser etc


I do not feel entirely happy with this approach; in many ways, I favour an opposite more intimate approach even if one is still a bit of an alien. Various possibilities suggest themselves such as looking down on a crowd from an unseen vantage point, doing close-ups with a wide angle, photos made in the work place or while lying on the floor.

In fact, most of the photos are made while on a visit to London.