Supermarket Shop

As part of the Developing Your Photographic Eye course, we were asked to make five photographs of a routine; here is one about going to the supermarket …

When presenting these images to the group, nine other photographers and the tutor, Claudia Ascott, I left out the Waitrose exterior (this brought some laughter when I showed it as a reject) and the last image of the shopping on the table at home which was not unlike the first shot of the shopping list on the table.

Going to the supermarket

Another routine has just presented itself to me that of going to the supermarket. Possible photos …

shopping list
outside of supermarket/ entrance
picking up a trolley
reaching for items
other individual shots

While going to the supermarket, I can visit the car wash; this might work well at dusk from the outside but if photographing from the inside then daylight would be better.